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The Young Driver

October 3, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

This article goes out to all the young drivers who feel they constantly hear their parents preach about safe driving techniques and rules of the road. Trust me, we know how you feel. Remember, we’ve been there and done that. So there is quite a bit of knowledge and experience that goes along with getting older.

It may seem at times that everything your parents say is nothing more than a conspiracy to make your life dull, boring and difficult. But as I’ve mentioned before, your parents are much smarter than you give them credit for. Parents are like ace detectives on a case. The only difference in there case is that it involves no crime. There case is to investigate, learn and know as much as possible about today’s teens and their habits in order to keep you safe. Trends change like the seasons, but the one thing that never seems to change is life. Every teen goes through a stage in life where they feel their parents know nothing and are completely out of touch with current trends and issues. The old what do you know theory kicks in.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is apparent because of the difference in age that teens and adults will normally not like the same music, clothes and so on. But what parents have on teens is experience and you can’t buy experience. Experience and knowledge can only be gained over time with life experiences.

So my appeal to all teens is to please just simply listen to your parents. Listen to the words and wisdom of those who are trying to keep you from harm. These are the people who love you more than life itself. You may not realize it, but no matter how big you get, you will always be mom and dad’s little baby. Parents don’t view their kids any differently the older they get. Parents are always parents and will always care and love you no matter what. They will always want the best for you and worry about you constantly.

So to all the many teens and young people out there, please listen to your parents and elders about driving and other life issues. People who truly care about you will never lead you astray. Take their words to not only your hearts, but your minds, as well. Life can be tough, but listening to those who have lots of experience could and will save you lots of heartache and trouble, and might just save your life.

Listen, Watch and Learn. It’s your life to live. Please live it wisely!  


Please Buckle Up

September 27, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

On a daily basis the average motorist will personally witness 20 to 30 motorists failing to restrain either themselves or their children. Most motorists realize the serious risk involved with not being properly restrained while traveling the roadways, however, some motorists still fail to see the risk involved with not buckling up. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children and also rank near the top as a leading cause of death to adults, as well.

Therefore, my requests and wish is that each and every citizen of our great county and city please wear and use their safety belts at all times when traveling the roadways. I would also ask that each and every child under the age of four be placed in the appropriate car safety device and that all children between the ages of four and eight use a child booster seat and seat belts. Taking just a few seconds to place your child in a car safety device or seat belt is a proven lifesaver.

Thousands of people are killed each and every year because of failing to buckle up. Taking just a few seconds to properly restrain each and every occupant in your vehicle will definitely be time well spent. Hospital and emergency personnel see daily the tragedies often associated with not using seat belts and car safety seats for drivers and passengers, and know first hand the many benefits gained and lives saved because of proper occupant protection.

Another request pertains to the riding of passengers in the rear cargo area of pickup trucks. The cargo area of a pickup truck was not designed nor intended for the transportation of people. However, space limitations inside the cabs of trucks often force passengers into riding in the cargo/bed area of the truck. As the use of pickup trucks continues to increase, so do injuries and deaths associated with pickup truck crashes. Most injuries and deaths occurring in pickup truck crashes involve passengers riding unrestrained in the cargo area, being thrown out of the vehicle during a crash or rollover. Each year an average of 200 deaths can be attributed to passengers riding unrestrained in the back of pickup trucks. 

The old it won’t happen to me theory doesn’t work here. Please use seat belts and proper child restraint devices when traveling the roadways and always obey the rules of the road.  We can’t afford, or tolerate losing any of our citizen’s. Please, please buckle up and be safe!


Buy Mt. Juliet first

September 19, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

Just wanted to tell all the wonderful residents of Mt. Juliet well done! Because of your efforts our sales tax numbers continue to climb.  With the Holiday Season quickly approaching and 2013 just around the corner I’d love to see all residents adopt a Buy and Shop Mt. Juliet Businesses First motto. With our economy seeing some tough times, there is no better time than 2012 and beyond to support your local business community by buying and shopping Mt. Juliet first. The more we spend in our own community the more our community benefits, and so do we. 

As with any community, the importance of its citizens spending their hard earned tax dollars locally is vitally important to the community’s economy and its citizens. With Mt. Juliet’s rapid growth and new businesses literally opening daily we’re starting to see an even greater need to spend our tax dollars locally. For example, Mt. Juliet businesses depend upon our tax dollars for survival. They make huge investments in our local community in an attempt to provide a service or convenience and desperately need and deserve our support.  Our schools, businesses, roads and many other services depend on the local economy for survival. When a business sets up shop in Mt. Juliet their goal is to provide services and conveniences to local citizens. In return, the local economy gets a boosts from the additional revenue generated locally and a trickle down effect occurs. Without local businesses providing these much needed services citizens are forced to call on vendors in other cities and towns. As a result, these vendors have to drive and ship their merchandise further and that cost is passed on to the customer/consumer. Unfortunately, money spent in other cities and counties benefits that community and not ours.

Therefore, I would like for each citizen to make every effort possible to spend your tax dollars locally. I totally understand that Mt. Juliet doesn’t currently, nor will it ever be able to offer every available service or convenience, but I would like for everyone to please patronize the businesses and services we have. In other words, if we have a business that offers something we need, we should make every effort to patronize that business and not a business outside our community. What is spent here benefits here, what is spent elsewhere benefits that community. For example, if you know that you need gasoline, try and plan your gas purchases locally, if you need groceries, buy them locally and so on. The more we spend locally the better off our community will be.

In a nut shell, if you can buy it at home and support our local businesses, then please do so. Current businesses, services and products not currently located in Mt. Juliet are much more likely to locate here if they see that our citizens support and patronize their local businesses. Our community and its businesses depend upon your support and patronage. For example, Academy Sports, Jonathan’s Grille, Longhorn and Whitecastle chose Mt. Juliet for multiple reasons with the largest reason being your proven track record of supporting local businesses first. If we continue this trend we are destined to get additional retail, upscale restaurants and entertainment venues like a small convention hall/center, full service hotel, skating rinks, bowling center and so on. So please keep up the great work, You are the owners of the community and have true ownership. 

In closing, please buy and shop locally. Its money well spent and will benefit us and our community for years to come. You will also save yourself lots of gasoline and time by not having to drive as far to shop, eat and play. 


Kenneth D. Martin


Dear Citizens

September 5, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

Dear Citizens of Mt. Juliet.

Thank you so much for the confidence you have shown in me with the appointment to serve as your city manager. I have served this city and the citizens for nearly twenty three years and it is my intent to be the best city manager ever. My heart and soul is truly planted in Mt. Juliet and I will work daily to improve not only our community, but the quality of life for our residents and those that visit our great city. I am so honored and humbled and will strive daily to make each of you proud you chose me for such a tremendous honor. We have been blessed to have many wonderful elected officials, citizens, volunteers and city employees that have worked hard and sacrificed to make our community what it is today, and it is my intent to protect that hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Our goal will be to keep and enhance our small town charm, character, integrity and quality of life for all.

If I can ever be of assistance please don’t hesitate to call on me. City Hall belongs to the citizens of our great city and we are here to be great stewards and wonderful public servants. 

Your friend in service,

Kenny Martin   



Isn’t Life Amazing

August 29, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

Isn’t life amazing? Think about all of the things that happen in our lives daily that we either don’t really pay much attention to, or don’t really think about.

For example, how often do we think or say to ourselves when we see a huge jet plane taking off with hundreds of passengers on board, isn’t it amazing that a plane that weighs thousands of pounds, that’s made out of metal and carrying hundreds of passengers and all their bags and suitcases can take flight and fly. Most of us don’t, we sort of overlook these things because we see it happen everyday and sort of take it for granted.

Another example is the human brain. How often do we realize what an awesome instrument the human brain is? When was the last time you seriously thought about it? Think about it, in order to read this article you use your brain, in order to pick up the paper that has this article written on it you use your brain, in order to comprehend this article you use your brain, in order to remember or forget this article you use your brain. Even more amazing is the whole time you were reading this article you were also thinking of other things, blinking your eyes, moving various parts of your body and listening to sounds around you all while reading. Isn’t the human brain amazing?

Let’s take a moment to think about saving lives and other medical marvels. How often do we think about the many lives that have been saved because of heart surgeries and transplants, the lives that have been saved because of cancer treatment? How often do we really take the time to realize how many lives have been saved for various cures, medical procedures and etc?

As we awake each and every day we are confronted with many fascinating and wonderful things. The seasons change every year, it gets light and dark each day and always has, the earth is turning and we don’t feel it, a baby is born, a child learns to walk and talk, the flowers bloom, the grass turn green, water, sleet and snow fall from the clouds, men and women fly into space, the clouds form, the clouds clear and so on.

The moral of this story is to soak each and every moment of life in. Life is not something we take for granted. Life is something we get one chance at and we must enjoy it. So as you start 2012 off, take every chance you get to enjoy the things we often overlook or take for granted. Isn’t life amazing! 

Kenny Martin



Child and teen safety measures

August 22, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

I would like to take a moment to remind all parents of the importance of using good child and teen safety measures and making children and teens aware of stranger danger and predators. As many of us have seen many times from news shows, predators are constantly on the prowl. They use everything from toys to the internet to lure innocent and trusting children and teens. To think that any person would harm or attempt to harm a child absolutely outrages me. As human beings and parents we have enough to worry about without having to worry about some sick individual harming our children. Mt. Juliet is a wonderful place to live, shop and raise a family, but unfortunately, predators know no boundaries when it comes committing their evil acts.

With that in mind, did you know that everyday, 2,300 children are reported missing in the United States? While the hard work of dedicated people and technology resources can bring back as many as 90 percent of these children, the question is, what happens to the other 10 percent?

A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Statistics show that in 1990 there were over 650,000 missing persons reported to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. In 1994, there were 954,896 reports, an increase of over 43 percent. The FBI estimates that out of all the entries, 85 to 90 percent were children. Applying to the 85 percent estimate there were at least 812,000 missing child reports filed or 2,225 children reported missing in the United States every day in 1994. That is why it is so very important to take all preventive measures available to assure that this parent’s worst nightmare never happens.

Helpful tips for protecting your child are as follows: Don’t let your child wear clothing with his or her name on it except for sporting events where parents and guardians are present. Allowing your child to wear his or her teams jersey with their name on it while out playing, could give a predator an opportunity at gaining your child’s trust. A child will tend to pay attention or acknowledge someone calling out their first name and assume that the person knows them. Using last names on jerseys is a much safer practice than first names. Videotape and take pictures of your child two or three times per year, including profile shots, do not leave children unattended while shopping, visiting with friends or unattended in automobiles. You also want to watch your teen’s use of the internet and other teen computer sites. Predators are known for luring children and teens with any and all measures, including cell phone and texting.

My heart cries out for the many parents suffering the unknown whereabouts of their child. We all know children are God’s greatest gift, a treasure sent from Heaven above, and we must do all we can to protect them.  

Kenny Martin



Summer Heat Dangers

August 15, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

With recent deaths of unattended children, the elderly and pets in vehicles across our great State and Country, there is no time like the present to remind everyone of the importance of not leaving any child, senior citizen or pet unattended in an automobile. Temperatures inside an automobile can reach temperatures up to one hundred forty degrees in a matter of minutes. As you can tell from recent news stories and countless tragedies across the country, these tragedies just don’t happen to irresponsible parents, these tragedies can happen to anyone. Even caregivers and parents with the best of intentions can fall victim to these tragedies. With our busy and hectic lives this can happen much easier than most truly realize.


Robbery prevention tips

August 8, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

In an effort aimed at protecting our business community from Robberies. The City of Mt. Juliet would like to offer the following crime prevention tips:

Keep your front doors and windows clear of signs and posters. This allows law enforcement officials the ability to see in. It also allows clerks and merchants to see outside for suspicious activity.

Keep the outside of your business well lit at night.

Keep your business looking neat and clean. A clean environment is good for business but uncomfortable for robbers.

Practice good cash control. Keep minimum amounts of cash in cash drawers and make regular drops.

Make bank deposits as often as possible, never less than once a day.

Use video camera surveillance and make it well known.

Be alert for customers who appear to be loitering or wearing clothing that doesn’t match the season.

If you see someone who appears to be suspicious inside or outside, call the police and have them checked out.

Greet everyone who enters your business and make eye contact.

Place markers at the entrance to help employees gauge height

Place post robbery forms near cash registers for fast data entry immediately following any incident. 

Surveillance and Security Equipment Information and tips:

Remember to periodically check your video security system for proper operation. The information it gathers can be invaluable to law enforcement efforts.

Have a security technician position the cameras to capture the best picture angles.

Insure that the correct date and time appear on your video cameras time, date generator. Remember to fall back and spring forward.

Robberies can occur in any location at anytime. That’s why it’s so very crucial to use all available preventive measures when combating crime.  Let’s join forces and stop these crimes before they have a chance to happen.  Let’s stop these criminals in their tracks and put them where they belong, behind bars. The more tools and resources we have working and available, will help us do just that. For more information please contact the Mt. Juliet Police Department at 754-2550. 


Real Life Encyclopedias

August 1, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

I got to thinking recently after having a very long and interesting conversation with my 87 year old Father-N-Law. Speaking with him is like listening to a real life encyclopedia. The more I listen the more I want to learn and hear. It has been a wonderful revelation and life changing experiences for me for the better.


Do Unto Others

July 26, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

One of my favorite quotes is: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. How true! And sense that’s the case, from this point forward, I am asking everyone to try their very best at doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

One example includes littering. Littering costs everyone. It takes a toll on our resources, our property values, our wallets, and is an insult to our great community and country. Littering is simply passing the buck. When you pass the buck, the rest of us are left with the bill, the bill of cleaning up the mess left behind. 

Another example is respect: Respect is when you speak kindly of others or say nothing at all, respect is when you open a door for your wife, family member or a complete stranger who has their hands full, respect is when you don’t endanger the lives of others by driving under the influence, speeding, tailgating, respect is not telling lies, cheating, hurting, murdering and so on. 

Life is so very short when you really think about it. We all have hurts, sorrows, worries, highs, lows, concerns, deadlines, aggravations and feelings that can be offended, hurt or damaged. With that being the case, let’s all start being more civil, kind, understanding, forgiving, helpful and loving to one another.

In closing, nothing is ever accomplished without sincere effort and a positive attitude. Good will always prevails over indifference and divisiveness. Please do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Kenny Martin



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