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Bach to Rock coming soon to fine tune your musical skills

Christopher Achzet started looking three years ago for the perfect music school to bring to Mt. Juliet.
He had years of working in the music industry in various capacities for artists like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Madonna. In that time he realized the joy he got working with people trying to learn. Mt. Juliet was his no. 1 choice of where he wanted his school to be.
“Mt. Juliet is definitely the best place,” said Achzet. “I couldn’t pick a better spot.”
Through his research, he found Bach to Rock, a national music education program that focuses its attention on the individual student, their skill level and what kind of music they like. That is why they call it from Bach to Rock, because any type of music is welcome. They start at level 1 whether they are six years old or 99. They graduate to the next level when they have reached certain benchmarks in their curriculum. Bach to Rock goes all out with a big celebration when the students move on to their next level.
“It’s a ton of fun for people,” said Achzet.
Fun is key to Achzet and Bach to Rock. He says in some music programs, kids can often feel stressed, or they are not enjoying themselves. He, luckily, had an elementary school teacher when he started learning that really sparked that love for music in him.
“She made that class so much fun,” said Achzet.
Bach to Rock aims to make it that way, saying that it is called “playing” music for a reason. They want to get kids playing with each other in bands so they can build teamwork, develop social skills, foster self-esteem and promote peer recognition.
The Bach to Rock location in Mt. Juliet has numerous individual lesson rooms, band rooms, and recording studios with Pro Tools. They have 12 instructors ready for day one, and plenty of opportunities to help students achieve their music goals. One of those is Achzet, who is so excited to pass on his expertise to students.
“I couldn’t be more passionate about what I do,” said Achzet.
For more information on Bach to Rock, visit The Mt. Juliet location will open its doors in July. It is located at 1475 N. Mt. Juliet Road.