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Beavers ends Governor campaign

Mae Beavers

In a Facebook post, Former Senator Mae Beavers announced she was ending her campaign for Tennessee governor:

“To the volunteers, supporters, and every person who championed my run for Governor, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Today, after much deliberation, I am suspending my campaign for the office of Governor of the great state of Tennessee.

After criss-crossing the state and meeting thousands of fellow Tennesseans, it was not a light decision to make because you have embraced our conservative message whole-heartedly; however, it is the right choice to make. Also, I know entering the race has not been in vain as many of my heart-felt issues are now talking points of other candidates’.

Again, I can’t express enough of the sincere thankfulness that I have for you and the out-pouring of love and support as a volunteer and supporter you had for this campaign. Jerry and I look forward to my retirement after decades of being an elected official, and we pray that God blesses you and our great state and nation.”

Beavers gave up her District 17 Senate seat last year to focus on her gubernatorial campaign. Mark Pody (R-Lebanon) was elected in her place last November.

As of publication, no additional information is known about Beavers’ decision to suspend her campaign. This story will continue to be updated on

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