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Biggs named Lakeview Elementary’s Teacher of the Year

Over the next couple months, The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet will be running profiles on each teacher in Mt. Juliet nominated for Wilson County’s Teacher of the Year. This week’s feature is Meredith Biggs.

Meredith Biggs was named the Teacher of the Year for Lakeview Elementary School, where she is an inclusion teacher for special education. Biggs is in her fourth year at Lakeview and 13th year teaching. She previously taught at schools in Nevada before moving to Tennessee.

Biggs received a dual degree in special education and general education from the University of Nevada, Reno. She initially pursued the dual degree so she could teach general education but have the knowledge to help any students who may need extra support. When she completed her student teaching in special education, however, she realized that was where she wanted to be.

Where general education classrooms tend to vary by year, Biggs continues to work with the same students.

“I have the potential to have my kids for six straight years, so it really allows you to build a relationship with them and their families,” she said. “I like being able to see their progress over a long period of time …  and you get to see them just grow up in general, which is fun.”

Biggs said that it’s rewarding to see her students succeed and persevere in areas that are inherently difficult for them. It is also important that they see how they are growing and doing the work to get there.

As an inclusion teacher, Biggs travels around the school, assisting students and teachers of every grade level by providing academic and behavior support. She also has her own classroom for separate groups, such as reading and behavior.

She loves the Lakeview community, which she said feels like a family. She not only gets to know her students but most of the school population, since she works with classrooms at every grade level.

“We’re all here to support each other, whether it’s parents, other teachers, administrators, or even the kids sometimes,” she said. “Everyone’s here to work together.”

Biggs was shocked when she learned her colleagues chose her to represent Lakeview as Teacher of the Year. She said that though she is humbled they thought that highly of her, she also got a bit of a confidence boost because she is relatively new to the school and wasn’t sure if many people understood what she does in the classroom.

“I love working with them,” she said. “They definitely make my job easier by being them and being supportive.”

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