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Board approves budget, pay plan, raises for teachers

The School Board voted Monday to adopt a new pay plan in the yearly budget, as well as a needs assessment and bid to rebuild West Wilson Middle School.
“We addressed our problem,” said School Board Member Bill Robinson, “and the problem is competing with other counties.” It is hoped that this new plan will draw in new teachers to meet the growing demand on Wilson County Schools and award teachers more evenly.
The lowest increase will be a $500 increase in salary but the plan will include increases across the board. Previously, teachers holding more advanced degrees could only see one pay increase of $3,000. Teachers can now expect an increase after receiving their ED.S. and Doctorate.
The new approach to raises will no longer be dependent on test scores but will be awarded based on other criteria and be competitive with many surrounding counties. The pay plan is not dependent on one day of testing and includes competitive increases for principals and assistant principals as well. Increases will also come to interim substitute teachers. Some board members believe these increases will be fair and equal because everyone can expect a raise. Some also believe that this pay plan will enable the board to budget more efficiently in the future for raises and salaries.
This new plan will also allow the Board to approve percentage increases in years to come. This was not possible under the previous plan.
“We did not create a new pay plan,” stated Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell. “We simply took budgets from counties we compete with, laid them out and got as close within our deficit as we could in one year.”
This pay increase will not require a tax increase and the Board was able to approve a balanced budget. The recommendation to approve the 2022-2023 Budget was approved with a vote of six to one. It will now move on to the County Commission.
The Board also approved a Needs Assessment Plan that included a two percent raise in teacher salaries on top of the pay plan, as well as an increase in pay for mentors and other classified staff. The assessment also took into consideration the land purchase for the proposed site for a new school on Double Log Cabin Road.
Finally, the Board voted to approve a bid from R.G. Anderson Company to rebuild West Wilson Middle School in the amount of $51,275,000. It was the lowest bid of two submitted.