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Board of Commissioners propose road improvements to TDOT

The Board of Commissioners had their regular meeting on Monday, May 8. A lot of people have noticed that Gander Mountain, an outdoor and recreation retail store, has been having a large “going out of business” sale. City Manager Kenny Martin stated at the meeting that the store will be run under new ownership and that the old inventory will be replaced with new products and that the store will still be open. Martin reminds us to “please shop locally,” and support our businesses.
Many citizens have been concerned about the safety of the intersection at Central Pike and Adams Lane. With the new Elementary School, there will be much more traffic, including school buses. Commissioner Brian Abston said that the city has been working with state representative, Susan Lynn, to get TDOT on board with this project. Lynn received positive feedback stating that the project may qualify for safety grant funds. “It is moving in a positive manner,” Abston said.
The first reading of the ordinances to accept and appropriate funds for police officers’ protective vests passed. The Conover Foundation has donated $10,000 toward the vests and Nutrishop has donated $2,000.
The ordinance to accept the grant on behalf of BPAC and appropriate funds for the construction of Story Walk has passed the first reading. Story Walk is the new project at Robinson Park, which includes a walking trail with reading materials posted along the way, to encourage children and families to enjoy reading while getting fit. $2,500 has been donated to this project.
The board passed the first reading of the ordinance of the City of Mt. Juliet to amend the Mt. Juliet city codes chapter 12, fire prevention and protection. The code states that clubhouses and common areas of subdivisions that are enclosed and have heating and/or air units must have a sprinkler system with 100 or more occupancy limits and that they must have an alarm system for a capacity of 300 or more. This ordinance would require that even units with a 100 occupancy capacity, to have an alarm system as well, so that proper authorities are alerted when the sprinkler system is engaged. This would apply to new construction.

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