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Board discusses director search

Not a lot of action was taken, but very important discussions were had at the monthly Wilson County School Board meeting Monday night.
The School Board discussed how to move forward with the director of schools search as well as got an update on the dispute with the insurance company on rebuilding West Wilson Middle School and Stoner Creek Elementary.
In the Director of Schools search, the board started with discussing whether they wanted a committee to handle a lot of the work, or should all board members be involved in all the steps.
“I feel like the whole board needs to participate,” said Board Member Jamie Farough. She liked the idea of community meetings to get input from citizens as well as from teachers and administrators.
Board Member Carrie Pfieffer said she agreed with Farough, and the surveys on how teachers and administrators felt about the job of Dr. Donna Wright, as well as what they want to see in a director would be beneficial.
“I know what I want, but I want to hear what other folks want,” said Board Member Jon White in agreement.
There was some disagreement on how to go about that, though board members agreed that getting as much as input as possible was necessary. It was discussed that maybe each board member go about their own way of getting input, but nothing was finalized.
Tomlinson said that it is important to get all the feedback from the constituents as possible, and this will be the most important decision that board members make during their term.
“At the end of the day, it comes down to us,” said Tomlinson.
A rough timeline was agreed upon. All applications are due on Feb. 12, and the board members will get all of the applications on Feb.16. On March 25, the list of applicants will be reduced to the finalists, and final interviews will be April 1.
Earlier in the meeting, the board went into executive session with County Attorney Mike Jennings to discuss the ongoing dispute with getting West Wilson Middle School and Stoner Creek Elementary.
“Be prepared to call a special meeting if necessary,” said Jennings. “I feel like we are making progress.”
Jennings could not divulge any information, but said he had a good meeting Friday, and that he may have an actionable item before the next monthly meeting. The meeting ended in a recess so that meeting could be called if necessary.

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