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Board of Commissioners addresses Dunkin Donuts

Board of Commissioners addresses Dunkin Donuts

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commission re-addressed the zoning of Dunkin Donuts, at Monday evening’s meeting at City Hall, concerning the property of 656 North Mt. Juliet Road, currently owned by Larry Hale.

 Larry Hale is a 20 year resident of Mt. Juliet and voiced his opinion Monday night of why he has to be affected due to neighboring residents concerns.

 The concerned citizens and neighboring residents, of the proposed location for the franchise, were of attendance to also voice their concerns, once again, over the zoning of a commercial development in a neighborhood setting of an OPS (office professional services) zoned area of Mt. Juliet Road.

 Citizens and business owners were concerned that if one commercial business was allowed in, then all of the main road properties would turn into CTE (commercial town center) zoning, allowing other major franchises into these main road locations affecting neighboring residents and businesses.

 A Civil Engineering & Development representative addressed the board and those of attendance of their possible concerns.

 “If you are to approve of this zoning, which we hope you do, we can build this development without having to come back and ask for variances or modifications to your code,” said the representative to the City Board.

 Franchise group representative for Dunkin Donuts, located out of Boston, also addressed some of the concerns to nearby residents and business owners.

 “We are not a traditional traffic generator.” He continued,  “Cleanliness, bad smell, rodents, and bugs are not a problem with our franchise locations, and will not be an issue due to part of our contract to keep the property clean.”

The representative went on to say, “Our sites do not generate noise. The leasing plan has a fence for shielding.”

 After representatives of Dunkin Donuts made their statements, the board went on to pass the topic to the next agenda for further discussion.



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