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Board picks Director search path

The Wilson County School Board elected to do a self-search Monday in picking the new Director of Schools.
Three options were laid out to the board Monday in their monthly meeting. They could do the self-search which would cost less than $1000, have the TSBA help with the search which would cost around $6,500, or get a private firm to help, which could cost up to $30,000.
Linda Armistead made a motion to use TSBA because she thinks it will help with transparency, the fear that the board will show bias in the hiring of a new Director of Schools. Several board members showed desire to look for someone within the county, and Armistead said this might help people trust the process. She wanted to clarify that it wasn’t because she didn’t want someone from the county.
“We may have the perfect person here within the county,” said Armistead.
That motion was seconded by Carrie Pfeiffer, but failed with only Armistead and Pfeiffer voting for the path.
Jon White then proposed that they do a self-search with the assistance of Wilson County Schools Human Resources Department.
That motion passed 6-1, with only Pfeiffer voting against it. Armistead said while it wasn’t her first choice, she supported the board in what they do moving forward. Pfeiffer said she understood, but was concerned about the path.
“Our HR Department is heavily burdened right now, and that may create some difficulties,” said Pfeiffer.
Board Chair Larry Tomlinson said they he respected and understood the argument, but the School Board will be the one handling the hiring. The HR Department will just be there if needed.
In other business, Director of Schools Donna Wright said that a local hospital has COVID-19 vaccinations available for teachers and staff that work with students. Around 2,600 people within the school system expressed interest in getting the vaccine.
“I think this is really good news,” said Wright about the development.
More will be updated in the coming days on when that might begin.
Also, Michael Smith has accepted the Director of Finance position. He is currently employed by Murfreesboro City Schools, and has had a working relationship with Wilson County Schools and Wilson County Government in the past.

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