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BOC approves new membership for use of MJCC gymnasium

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners approved a new membership Monday to use the Mt. Juliet Community Center gymnasium.
The move comes as a result of incidents that have happened over the last few years in the gymnasium. Last month, two men were arrested when an argument in the gym spilled out into the parking lot and one of the men pulled a gun from his vehicle and threatened the other.
“It gets quite a lot of use and abuse,” said Mt. Juliet City Manager Kenny Martin.
Parks Director Rocky Lee said there can be 50-70 people in the gym at a time.
“A good third of those are out-of-towners,” said Lee.
Lee said that residents often are left waiting for the opportunity to use the gym.
“It’s disappointing that our city has opened up such a great venue for everyone and unfortunately we have had some folks that took advantage of the situation,” said Commissioner Bill Trivett.
Trivett sponsored the resolution to establish a Mt. Juliet Community Center entry plan for the safety of the residents. That resolution included a membership program just for the gymnasium. It will be for Wilson County residents or City of Mt. Juliet employees only and will be a yearly membership that lasts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Proof of residency will be required each year.
The cost will be $20 a year person or $100 for a family of any size. There will also be a $2 charge to enter daily for all members. Membership rates will be prorated by quarter depending on when you get it during the year. Guests will be allowed with a paying member. A Code of Conduct will have to be signed by each member about receiving membership. Hardship cases are available for ages 15 and under, but will need proof of residency and hardship proof required. Observers will require a pass and pay the daily entrance fee. Exception can be made for parents of children under 12 and special needs players.
The resolution said the rules will start soon, but they will allow time for the news to get out to the public.