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BOC looks into blasting regulations

The Mt. Juliet City Commission discussed Monday asking the State of Tennessee to look into blasting regulations.
A resolution sponsored by District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Milele sought to lessen the impact that blasting has on existing homes as new neighborhoods and developments pop up throughout the city. Milele said that Hendersonville did something similar.
“Hopefully other municipalities will follow us,” said Milele.
Milele said that there is a lot of blasting going on in her district and one resident said they had a blast they felt like was about 20 feet from their house.
The resolution sought to urge Tennessee General Assembly legislation by doing a few things. Some of them included lowering the allowable limit for blasting, expanding the pre-survey blast area currently required from 300 feet to 1,000 feet, and expediting or incentivizing underground blasting.
Most commissioners seemed to be on board with the intent of the resolution, but they wanted to learn more about the process and why the rules are as they are now.
“I agree something needs to be done,” said Vice Mayor Ray Justice who said he is affected by blasting at his house now.
Fire Department of Mt. Juliet Chief Jamie Luffman said he could set up a work session with someone at the state that he works with, so they could get the knowledge they needed to fine tune the resolution. A 30-day notice was needed so the resolution will come back to the agenda in June.
The commission also agreed to sell some park land to Beazer Homes.
The park land is what is referred to as the Tomlinson Park off of Beckwith Road. The commission voted to purchase the 57-acre land last year. Beazer wants to purchase 20 acres of it and will help in the construction of the park. Beazer will build a road to the park, as well as restroom facilities and a parking lot.
The commission also approved a resolution approving an agreement between the City and Barge Design Solutions. The group will help the city design a traffic signal at the intersection of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Curd Road, including the widening of Curd Road at the intersection. They will also help with a signal timing analysis between Division Street and Lebanon Road, including gap analysis study at the intersection at Oak Hall Drive.