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BOC takes next step for new MJPD HQ

The City of Mt. Juliet took the next steps Monday in building a new Mt. Juliet Police Department Headquarters.
The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners voted to execute a contract between the City of Mt. Juliet and The Parent Company, Inc for construction management on the project.
“We are bringing them on the city’s team to help us work through this building process,” said MJPD Captain Tyler Chandler.
The Parent Company, Inc will be assisting the City in obtaining bids and working with the design team to help reduce costs.
“Every time I have worked with a construction manager the project has gone better and been less expensive,” stated City Attorney Gino Marchetti.
A design for the new headquarters, as yet to be determined, is estimated to be approximately 45,000 sq. ft. and should take between 12 and 18 months for construction to be completed. The timeline for completion has changed due to personnel-placement and land closings.
Commissioners also approved an ordinance to rezone approximately 47.56 acres of property along Golden Bear Gateway to IR-PUD. The Master plan will include two warehouse spaces as well as some retail. The City is still in talks about the impact fees and sewer requirements for the development.
The Commission also approved a rezone for Gateway Business Park, almost 18 acres on the northeast corner of the Beckwith Road exit. The development could be the landing spot for Mid Tenn Powersports, as well as possible other retail, hotel and restaurant space.
Worleybird Tours was approved to provide entertainment in the form of a 90-minute show in honor of the City of Mt. Juliet’s 50-year anniversary. Country Music singer-songwriter Darryl Worley will be playing the full 90-minute show, which will take place July 16 at Charlie Daniels Park. The event is for all ages.