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BOC vote on redistricting

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners approved Monday a new District map on first reading.
Last year’s census showed that the growth in the Providence area had made it so District 4 had a larger population than the other districts. District 4 had 12,610, while the other three districts had populations from 7,630 and 10,038. The city is made up of federal census blocks and City Mt. Juliet’s GIS Administrator Rob Ealy gave the commissioners three options where the population is in the upper 9000s in all districts.
District 4 currently has everything south of I-40, but all options for the new maps have District 3 moving across the interstate because of the population growth in the area. District 1, the northernmost district expands south in all options, while District 2 expands east and south.
“Great job working on all these numbers and census blocks, I know it can’t be easy,” said Vice Mayor Ray Justice.
Justice suggested using option 2, but with some minor changes for second reading. There are some properties on Lebanon Road near the county line that would be moved to District 1, but District 2 Commissioner Bill Trivett would prefer some of them stay in his District. Also, District 1 and District 3 would be swapping some neighborhoods, and they may be changed back to the original depending on how the numbers work out.
One change that couldn’t be made was on Clearview. On a portion of the road, one side of the road would be in District 2, while the other side would be District 3. That is because the federal census block uses that road as a split, so you can’t deviate it from it.
“It’s unfortunate sometimes,” said Mayor James Maness.
Commissioner Jennifer Milele said that the Providence Master HOA was also being split because of the census blocks.
In other business, the commissioners approved a contract with Cleary Construction, Inc. to build the multi-purpose fields to go in the new park on Tate Lane near West Division Street. They also approved a budget amendment to help combat flooding in the Mundy Park area.