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Bradshaw Farms passes first reading at Mt. Juliet city commission

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners passed the first reading of Bradshaw Farms, a development proposed behind the Jackson Hills neighborhood and located off Beckwith Road.

The developer, Goodall Homes, proposes developing 561 residential units on 193 acres of land in Mt. Juliet. Of the 561 units, 263 will be age-restricted to 55 and older. The remaining 298 units are proposed single-family. Approximately 75.5 acres will also be reserved for open space, including preservation of wildflower wetlands.

Goodall Homes also proposes primary access to the development will be through two new connections, one at Vanner Road in Jackson Hills and the other at Beckwith Road.

The project also came before the planning commission in a meeting Thursday night, drawing a large number of residents from the Jackson Hills and Woodland Place neighborhoods as well as those who live along Beckwith Road.

The major worry for most in attendance was safety and concerns about increased traffic. Residents of Woodland Place said they have already seen an increase of traffic since the new Mt. Juliet High School was built, as well as all the new neighborhoods surrounding it. Woodland Place doesn’t currently have sidewalks throughout, so they said it is impossible to safely walk their own neighborhood.

Many attendees at the city commission meeting echoed the sentiments from the previous meeting, reinforcing their need for a sidewalk in Woodland Place.

Residents of Jackson Hills were also concerned about the increased traffic due to Bradshaw Farms’ connection to Vanner Road. Beckwith Road residents said they anticipate traffic accidents stemming from the project due to the dangerous, narrow road. Some residents also expressed the need for a traffic study and signal warrants for a possible traffic light at the Beckwith and Lebanon Road intersection.

Three amendments to the plan were passed. The first was to capture city staff comments about the project that were addressed during the planning commission meeting. The second was to have the $0.50 per square foot for each unit in the development be used for a turn lane onto Golden Bear Gateway from Lebanon Road.

The final amendment stated that the $2,500 per lot voluntary contribution from the developer would be assessed and used for construction of a sidewalk in Woodland Place. It also stated that the use for any remaining funds after the sidewalks are completed would be determined at later date.

The commission unanimously voted to pass the first reading of the project as amended during the meeting. The second reading of the Bradshaw Farms development will be on Jan. 13, 2020.

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