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Buchanan retires from City after 26 years

Dennis Buchanan, center, with his family.

Dennis Buchanan retired last week after working 26 years for the City of Mt. Juliet. He has been the city liaison for the past five years along with working for the City’s Economic Development, but he has previously worked in the Parks Department and with Mt. Juliet Police.

Buchanan was also instrumental in bringing many beloved businesses to Mt. Juliet, such as Starbucks and Krystal, by attending international conferences held in Las Vegas. He said what impressed him is that there are so many people who already know where Mt. Juliet is.

He also said he has been amazed by the growth of the community for the past 45 years he has been in Mt. Juliet.

“We don’t have to go to Nashville, we don’t have to go anywhere else, we can do everything we need to do right here in Mt. Juliet,” said Buchanan.

“[Mt. Juliet] is a great city to live in, to worship, to play … it’s that kind of town,” he said. “We have developed Mt. Juliet into a location where people want to be; that’s why we’re growing so fast. Everybody wants to be here.”

“Dennis has been a big blessing to the city,” said City Manager Kenny Martin. “He has served a combined 25 years with the city and been a tremendous asset to not only me, but to our city and citizens as well. [We] are most happy for Dennis and his family and wish him and his family nothing but the very best in all he does.”

Though he is retiring from the city, Buchanan said he’s not going away yet. He said there are still projects in the works that he wants to make sure get accomplished.

Buchanan said he loves Mt. Juliet and has always been one to give back to his community.

“I love Mt. Juliet,” he said. “This is where my family is, my grandbabies and my children. This is where I’m going to be buried. I’m not going anywhere until God gets ready for me.”

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