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Car crash numbers staying high in MJ

Motor vehicle crashes have stayed stubbornly high in Mt. Juliet recently.
In the Mt. Juliet Police Department’s latest weekly update, there were 32 non-injury crashes in the previous seven days, and seven injury crashes. The injury crashes were slightly down over the previous week, but non-injury had gone up.
“That is quite a bit for our community,” said MJPD Captain Tyler Chandler.
Chandler said there is no single thing that the MJPD can do to help keep the numbers go down. He said officers are out in the community as much as they can be because when people see an officer they are more likely to use safer driving practices like putting their seatbelt on and slowing down.
“That’s why our officers are making traffic stops, because we want people to drive more safely on our roadways,” said Captain Chandler.
Chandler said there is a common theme among a lot of the accidents.
“Majority of these crashes are contributed to distracted driving,” said Chandler.
Chandler pleaded with people to make sure they are at full attention when they are driving, and to put their phone down, or try to avoid being distracting by something else in the car.
There have been 128 injury crashes and 808 non-injury crashes in 2021 in Mt. Juliet. The non-injury crashes are the highest in the past four years in just nine months of data. In 2018, there were 594 non-injury crashes, 493 in 2019 and 656 in 2020. Non-injury crashes are on pace to go well over 1,000 for 2021.
Chandler said the majority of crashes occur between 3 and 5 p.m., Wednesday through Friday. The majority are rear-end collisions due to inattentiveness or distracted driving.
For the year, the State of Tennessee is up in fatalities on the roadways, with 1,030 people who have lost their lives in 2021. There have been 4,875 serious injury or fatality crashes statewide in 2021.