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Cedar Creek Wastewater Pumping Station project completed

Cedar Creek Wastewater Pumping Station project completed

The Cedar Creek Wastewater Pumping Station is used for moving wastewater to higher elevation areas that gravity prevents.



You may have been wondering what the small house-shaped building on Lebanon Road was during its construction process. The City of Mt. Juliet’s Public Works Department recently completed the new Cedar Creek Wastewater Pumping Station located at 10774 Lebanon Road.

The pumping station was designed to enhance the community’s sewage system and improve sewer capabilities for nearby communities as North Mt. Juliet grows and the population increases.

Mt. Juliet has many pending projects and developments along Lebanon Road and N. Mt. Juliet Rd. that will increase water waste along the North side of town over time. The idea was to get a head start on the project to accommodate future increase as has already been recorded.

Sewer pumping stations are used to move wastewater to higher elevations in order to allow transport by gravity flow. Sewage is transported into a wet well and stored in a sealed underground pit. When the level rises to a certain point, the pumps will begin to lift the sewage upward through a pressurized pipe system from where it is discharged into a gravity manhole again. From there, the cycle starts all over again until the sewage reaches its point of destination, which is usually a treatment plant.

Mt. Juliet City Manager, Kenny Martin, commented on the City’s Public Works improvement addition.

“The folks with the Public Works Department and the City of Mt. Juliet are very excited about this project. They went above and beyond to make this project and enhancement for our community,” said Martin.

The site has a large generator system to assist in continuous power supply for the facility.

The facility has four pumps located inside of the building and an ozone ventilation area that prevents odors and keeps oxygen clean during the pumping process.

Mt. Juliet Public Works is one of the largest and most diverse departments with five divisions.  The focus for each public works team member is community service and safety.



Inside of the facility is an ozone ventilation system and air center that keeps oxygen levels normal and air clean of any wastewater odors.



The facility has a large Kohler powered generator system that keeps the station running efficiently.




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