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Chief Hambrick presented with Lifetime Achievement Award


Everett Stein, Rick McCann, Chief James Hambrick, Doug Riggin and Mike Thornhill
Everett Stein, Rick McCann, Chief James Hambrick, Doug Riggin and Mike Thornhill

Private Officer International, an association of security and law enforcement officers based in Charlotte North Carolina USA annually holds an “Officer Appreciation and Awards Day” to recognize public law enforcement and private security officers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Each year, we recognize the brave men and women who risk their lives daily to protect and service their communities, businesses and employers said Founder and CEO, rick McCann.

This year, Mt. Juliet TN. police chief, James Hambrick was recognized for his dedication and leadership as the chief of police and for his many years of public service to the citizens of Mt. Juliet.

The chief was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by McCann and Mike Thornhill, Nashville chapter President, in a ceremony at the Mt Juliet police department on March 24, 2017.

It is more important than ever to recognize the daily heroics and lifesaving measures that police and security officers perform daily in Tennessee and across the county McCann stated.

They wear the badge and uniform with pride and are willing do what most folks won’t do, see what most will never see and often lay down their lives with no second thoughts because it is a true calling. Chief Hambrick is a shining example of that calling and commitment to service.

When officers do something wrong, it makes national headlines but when officers do something right, charge into a burning home, save a person having a heart attack to take a bullet meant for someone else, there’s little fanfare.
We are working to change that and give each public and private officer their due and the respect and recognition that they truly deserve.

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