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Christensen steps down as coach

A fixture of Mt. Juliet Christian Academy basketball is stepping down.
Paul Christensen has been the Boys Basketball Coach at MJCA for 23 years, but he is leaving that post to focus on his other job as Athletic Director.
“Sometimes the right decisions in life are hard,” said Christensen.
Christensen said the school is growing at an amazing rate despite going through a total rebuild. Add that to the tornado damage from 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, the job of Athletic Director has gotten too big. Christensen said he just didn’t have the time to give the basketball team the attention they deserve, so he wanted to get someone that could while he focuses on the AD position.
“It would have been selfish of me to continue,” said Christensen.
Christensen said teaching and coaching kids the game that he loves was his dream job. It has been extremely difficult since he made the decision, and he expects it to stay that way when the team hits the court this winter.
Christensen said it is an exciting time for the athletic department, as it continues to grow. He expects they will add more sports and build the ones they already have.