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City defers purchase of Lyons property

In the Monday night meeting of the Board of Commissioners, the final topic discussed was a resolution to approve the purchase of two properties, one of which was 21.24 acres of land on Rutland Road owned by Richard Lyons. The property contains a house and a 6-acre pond, and has been offered to the city below appraisal rate for $2,300,000.

Although negotiations had previously halted with Lyons after he had turned down the city’s $2,000,000 offer, the Board of Commissioners chose to reconsider the contract at Lyons’s asking rate.

Parks Director Rocky Lee asked the Board of Commissioners to defer voting on the property. He said that his department was receiving an influx of land offers all over the city, many of which they had not yet had time to view. For the sake of acquiring the highest quality property at an affordable rate for the city, Lee suggested that he be given more time to collect and view offers before presenting them side-by-side to the Board of Commissioners, who could then vote on which piece they preferred. The Board agreed with this suggestion, and passed a motion to defer purchasing the property for another meeting.

Also discussed in the same resolution was a contract to purchase a property on the corner of Tate Lane and West Division for $430,000. This 8.64 acre property would be used to house five soccer fields and a playground. The board passed the purchase of this property unanimously.

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