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City to pay RTA

Commissioners pass ordinance to donate $30,000 for Music City Star.

Debate at the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night led to a possible solution to the RTA problem.

In September, the Regional Transportation Authority claimed the City of Mt. Juliet had not been paying an annual contribution for the Music City Star since 2013.

Whenever train commuters and Mt. Juliet residents voiced their concerns to the Commissioners at previous meetings, the City Officials have repeatedly said the funds RTA claims to be owed were optional. They said Mt. Juliet was not refusing to pay required funds for the RTA.

Instead of paying the optional, voluntary funds, the City had negotiated to do its own maintenance in place of someone from RTA.

At the meeting, the Commission passed the first reading of an ordinance that will appropriate funds to contribute to the RTA for $30,000.

An amendment to the ordinance included RTA agreeing to add 104 parking spots at the station and adding bike racks. They also stressed in the amendment that if RTA does not approve the plan submitted and approved by the Commission, they will no longer contribute the optional annual donations.

The ordinance passed 4-1 as amended.

Further debate is expected on this ordinance at the second reading during another Board meeting. The Board of Commissioners meet the second and fourth Mondays each month.

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