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City seeking agreement with Vandy Lifeflight

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners approved a resolution Monday directing the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet to negotiate an interlocal agreement with Vanderbilt Lifeflight Ground EMS Transport for ambulance services inside city limits.
The action is another effort by the City to help make up for the losses in staff at WEMA which provides ambulance service for the City. The interlocal agreement would request that Vanderbilt Lifeflight Ground EMS Transport to respond in the event WEMA ambulances and crews are unavailable to do so.
The resolution states that the FDMJ will provide Quick Response Vehicles staffed with one Paramedic and one Advanced EMT to assist Vanderbilt Lifeflight Ground EMS Transport crews with patient care and packaging. Also, for all high acuity calls for service or severe trauma, Vanderbilt crew may require and receive further assistance of FDMJ personnel during transport of the patient to a higher level of care.
The resolution directs Fire Chief Jamie Luffman and Deputy Chief Joseph Edwards to negotiate the agreement with Vanderbilt Lifeflight Ground EMS Transport and bring it back to the Board of Commissioners for approval.
There was no discussion by the Board of Commissioners but Commissioner Bill Trivett applauded the efforts of FDMJ.
“Thank you for taking care of our city,” said Trivett to Chief Luffman.
The Board of Commissioners also approved funds for the Parks Department so the City can celebrate their 50th anniversary, July 16 at Charlie Daniels Park. The extra money will be to secure entertainment and supplies ahead of the event.