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City works to address Hickory Hills erosion

Yards in a Mt. Juliet neighborhood have been impacted by erosion and the city is working to address the problems.

Houses along Yarmouth Lane in Hickory Hills have been facing an eroding backyard that if not corrected could continue to worsen.

City Manager Kenny Martin said that though this is not a city matter, it is a human matter so the city is doing what it can to help the homeowners. He and Vice Mayor James Maness will meet with a group of engineers this week to determine what it will take to correct the issue and move forward.

Martin said the erosion started four years ago and has slowly worsened, based on city visits in April 2018 and March 2019.

The city reached out to the impacted homeowners in the area to host a meeting to discuss possible solutions, and a follow-up meeting will be held in April.

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