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Clients’ needs come first at Grauberger, Green & Associates

When choosing legal representation, one of the biggest concerns is cost. A lot of firms will charge you just to step foot in the door, some will even charge you for phone calls. 

“Do you charge $37.50 for a fax, I’ve been asked that before,” joked Derrick H. Green of Grauberger, Green & Associates.

Grauberger, Green & Associates believes in working for the client, and when you are charging them for every little thing, the relationship becomes a little bit difficult. 

They offer free consultations, while some firms will charge $150. Stephen E. Grauberger said that people should have to charge to see whether they want to hire someone. It doesn’t make any sense to him.

“[Free consultations] are becoming more and more rare,” said Grauberger. “You get a surprised response when you say you don’t charge.”

Grauberger, Green & Associates came to Mt. Juliet in 2007, and moved to their current location at 2612 North Mt. Juliet Road in September of 2009. Both Grauberger and Green worked at a firm in Goodletsville before forming their own in 2007. He said they outgrew that firm, and wanted to start their own for several reasons, one being that they could do things their own way. 

“I was very involved in Mt. Juliet,” said Grauberger of picking Mt. Juliet for their office. “I was a reserve officer for 6 ½ years and was on the beer board.”

Grauberger said it is easier to list the things that the firm handles, rather than what they do. He said their job is to serve the client in any manner they need, and if they can’t handle it, send them to someone that can. Grauberger said they are in their offices Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

They will also  meet clients after hours if that works best for them. 

“I’ve even met a client on Sunday at 4 p.m.,” said Green. 

Grauberger, Green & Associates can be reached by phone at (615)773-6116.

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