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Commission defers transportation vote

The Board of Commissioners had its regular meeting at City Hall Monday night.

The first item of unfinished business consent agenda was an ordinance amending the Providence planned development unit to increase the maximum height allowance to four stories for an assisted living facility only. This item unanimously passed second reading.

The proposed 2017 comprehensive transportation plan for Mt. Juliet was scheduled to be discussed but was deferred until the first meeting in January.

An amendment removing the requirement for businesses to keep records of who they provide beer samples to was passed after District 4 Commissioner Brian Abston suggested it infringed on the patrons’ privacy.

An amendment rezoning the 2876 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. property from residential to commercial town center passed unanmiously.

An ordinance changing the zoning classification of the Mt. Juliet United Pentecostal Property from residential to commercial town center passed first reading 4-0, District 3 Commissioner Art Giles abstaining.

Zoning regulations regarding warehousing, goods, transport and storage likely will be modified after the ordinance passed first reading.

Nutrishop donated $2,000 to enhance the Fire Department’s Knox Box program. The City accepted the first reading of the donation.

The ordinance appropriating funds in the amount of $30,000 to donate to RTA passed first reading, 4-1.

The amendment for the Animal Care section in the City Code was passed unanimously in its first reading.

Commissioner Giles abstained from an ordinance for the Scannell/FedEx water line project, which was passed 4-0.

Two resolutions declaring city property as surplus to be disposed of at Govdeals auction both passed 4-0 with Giles abstaining.

Luke Wincester was appointed to the Joint Economic and Community Development Board, as was District 1 Commissioner Ray Justice who replaced Mayor Ed Hagerty on the Board.

Jay Friddell was appointed to the Alcoholic Beverage Board after Rodney Barry previously resigned.

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