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Commission stands firm on decision for Greenway expansion

The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission held its monthly meeting, Thursday, August 17.

There will be an opportunity for community members to meet the new city planning director, Larry Mizell, August 30, at 11:30 a.m. at the City Hall building at 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. Mizell will be taking over August 28, after 10 years of planning for Franklin, Tennessee. Former city planner Bo Logan resigned last month.

Golden Bear Gateway is now open and community members are positive about the addition as it provides a quicker commute across town.

“I think some people haven’t gotten it in their regular routine yet,” said Jessica Gore Public Works Director. “I think as they do that will take some pressure off Mt. Juliet Rd. ”

According to Gore, the preliminary designs for the future project to widen the road to Lebanon Rd. that is planned with the next section of Tuscan Gardens is underway, and we can expect to see this coming soon.

On the consent agenda was to review the final plat for Nichols Vale located on Nichols Vale Ln. phase four section one and review the final plat for Nichols Vale Phase four section two. Also to review the final plat for the Wilfer Property located at 2280 Nonaville Rd. These items were approved.

Item 6.3 review the site plan for 1010 Meb Ct. was moved from Site Plan to the consent agenda. Shawn Henry represented the property owner and stated that his client does not agree with the condition listed as part of approval for the site plan. Staff recommended to include the construction of a greenway on the back of the property.

Henry stated that two offsite improvements are being made including striping of the street at the exit of Meb Ct. onto Lebanon Pike, and the installation of a sidewalk at the entrance to the property.

They do not think it is appropriate to have the condition of the greenway as there is an intervening property between Meb Ct. and the Cedar Creek Greenway.

“It’s important for conditions such as this, that there be a rational connection between what’s being required and whether the property can actually provide this relative to the greenway,” said Henry. “At this location the greenway is not proposed to come across this property.”

Henry was asking for support, on behalf of his client, of the site plan without the two conditions listed. Henry said this would be a public greenway with no public access and that someone would have to trespass to use the greenway on this property. The property owner has suggested reserving a strip of the land in the event that a greenway connection is made in the future.

“I think it is a reasonable expectation for you to construct the greenway,” said commissioner Art Giles. “We know what side the greenway is going on, it’s going on the south side of Cedar Creek. ”
Henry said that the section has no connection to the current greenway.

“For your information and anybody else out there it’s those sections in our city that has connected many sections together,” said Giles.

This item was approved with the current conditional items in place.

The next item up on the agenda was to review the adult overlay district for a tattoo and art studio located at 240 Fiberglass Dr. The studio is owned by Michael Lanning who came before the board of commissioners at a meeting in July, requesting that the classification of his business be adapted from adult entertainment.

The city of Mt. Juliet has an ordinance in place that allows businesses classified as “adult entertainment” to only be established in a limited area of the town, on Industrial Drive. Lanning and other community members spoke out saying that tattoo parlors do not belong in the adult entertainment classification of businesses, feeling that they should alternatively be classed along with beauty parlors and things of that nature.

Lanning has since found an appropriate location for his business that abides by current city standards.

“We have worked very closely with this applicant to find a location that meets our ordinance, as well meets their needs too,” said Jennifer Stewart, Zoning Administrator.

The commissioners addressed concerns that with this approval, the use of the space in the future could potentially be an adult bookstore or some other business in the adult entertainment industry that this shop is classed as. A condition was added to the zoning that limits the zone only to the one unit on the property.

“We’ve done everything we can to comply with the city,” said Lanning.

This item was given a positive recommendation with the condition stated by the board.

The next item on the agenda was to review the out of city sewer request for 1100 NW Rutland Rd. The property is outside of the city limits and is requesting to have city sewer service from Mt. Juliet.

Upon receiving sewer services the owner would agree to pay a 25 percent surcharge in addition to their regular monthly bill for the access to these services. The property owner requested to obtain this sewer service without annexation. One concern was about the emergency services that would be included in this set of services provided.

Mayor Ed Hagerty voiced concerns that once the option to annex the property has been lost that it will no longer be an option in the future and that this may need to be done in order to connect to an overpass, stating that it was the “most obvious place to connect.” This item received a positive recommendation from the board.

The next item was to review the site plan for Providence Commons lot seven, located at 607 Providence Parkway. The land is currently vacant and has been utilized for overflow parking for Jonathan’s for several years.

The lot does not meet current regulations and has been requested by staff to bring the lot up to code. The developer has submitted the site plan to bring the lot into compliance.

The owner’s intention is to provide shared parking for Jonathan’s on this new development. The proposed development includes a 6,347-square-foot building to be used general retail, banking or other use allowed in the Commercial Interchange zoning.

The plan proposes 72 parking spaces, only 32 are required. Access to the site will be via a private drive in the Providence Commons Development on Providence Parkway. A five foot sidewalk has been included along the frontage of Providence Parkway as well as pedestrian connectivity from Providence Parkway to the sidewalk located in front of the building and connectivity to Jonathan’s.

This site plan has been approved.

The last item on the agenda was a discussion item proposed by Mayor Hagerty. This was regarding a proposal for the Golden Bear Gateway land use amendment.

The land is zoned mixed use and Hagerty voiced concerns that the current beauty of the area could be negatively impacted with the addition of many industrial buildings. Along with the aesthetic impact, there were concerns about the roadways being negatively affected by the large trucks that would be using the roadway as a result of these industrial buildings being added.

This item will be considered for future discussion.

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