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Commissioners expand urban growth boundary

The Board of Commissioners expanded the urban growth boundary, and changed the process for billing people for false alarm system calls Monday. 
There were only three commissioners present at the meeting, as Mayor Ed Hagerty and Commissioner Art Giles were not in attendance. 
The accepted urban growth plan stretches all the way north, west and south to the county lines. 
On the north side, it will go as far east as Highway 109, but on the south side it will just go into parts of Gladeville, but not all the way to Highway 109. 
Commissioner Jim Bradshaw wanted to pull Gladeville out of the plan, saying that it is a growing community. 
His amendment to take it out failed. The remaining commissioners voted for the plan. 
For alarm systems, Police Chief Andy Garrett requested a change to the ordinance which required a certified police officer to issue a citation after five false alarms from their security system. 
It becomes difficult because the homeowner or business owner are not always home, so it can take time away from other officer duties. 
“We want to take it out of the court docket and make it a billing process,” said Chief Garrett. 
Garrett said that 80 percent of alarm system calls are false alarms. 
The new ordinance would allow a bill to be sent instead. 
Commissioner Bradshaw amended it to have a bill sent after three false alarms instead of five. 
Garrett had no objection to that, and the commissioners voted for the measure. 
The Academy Sports & Outdoors sign issue was also voted upon. 
The problem was that the new 24-foot sign on the south side of Old Pleasant Grove Road would sit much higher than other signs in the area because it would be up on the retaining wall. 
Representation for the project came to the meeting with a new design that would take the architectural elements off the top, making it shorter and more in line with what was in the area. 
The commissioners approved it. 
In other business, the commissioners voted to rezone a property owned by Jerry Knoch on the south side of Lebanon Road to commercial retail, an agreement with TDOT for phase two of the Town Center Trail, and an ordinance designating Wilson Bank & Trust and the State of Tennessee – Local Government Investment Pool as official depositories for City of Mt. Juliet funds.

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