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Commissioners hold second work session on future of EMS in City

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners held their second work session on the ambulance service in the City of Mt. Juliet.
Wilson County announced earlier this year that they would be pulling their ambulances from two fire stations within city limits and placing them in the new fire stations they are to construct just outside the city limits. The move may cause longer response times for ambulance service within the city in certain pockets.
“We have the responsibility to serve the people in their time of need,” said Fire Department of Mt. Juliet Chief Jamie Luffman during his presentation to the commissioners.
Luffman gave two options to the commissioners – do nothing or do something.
The something could be bringing a private service to transport ambulance. He said it would be zero subsidy to the city and zero risk.
At the last work session, Luffman said that FDMJ can be fully cross trained to be able to treat patients until the ambulance arrives. He said there are three to five calls a week where there are no ambulances available. A recent call had one coming from Statesville, which is over 30 miles from Mt. Juliet.
In the regular board meeting, Vice Mayor Ray Justice said he will be bringing a resolution forward to get Chief Luffman to bring forth the plan for a private service to supplement WEMA within city limits. Commissioner Jennifer Milele still hoped to negotiate with the county and see if something can be worked out.