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Commissioners to pause new construction on Golden Bear


The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners held its regularly scheduled meeting, Monday, August 28.

The meeting opened up with Commissioner reports. Vice Mayor James Maness asked residents to remember the victims of Hurricane Harvey in their prayers.

“It’s delivering a terrible toll on the city of Houston,” said Maness. “That’s a city that so graciously opened its arms about 12 years ago for the victims of Katrina.”

With over 4,000 in attendance, the total eclipse event at Charlie Daniels park was a success.

“I want to say a special thank you to everyone that was involved in this,” said Abston. “There was probably not a department in the city that was not involved one way or another.”

There were people from 17 different states, including Alaska. All of the hotels were sold out for the event.

“We think there was a nice boost on our economy, besides everyone having a great time,” said Commissioner Brian Abston.

“The city put its best foot forward that day,” said Maness. “Everyone that was involved just did a wonderful job arranging that.”

City Manager Kenny Martin welcomed new City Planner, Larry Mizell who comes from Franklin, Tennessee.

“He’s got an abundance of experience,” said Martin.

Mizell worked in development for nearly 40 years and in city government as a planner for 10 years. He hopes this experience from both sides will give him a well-rounded approach to planning in Mt. Juliet.

“I’m not a typical city planner,” said Mizell. “That’s the perspective that I bring. I hope that bringing that perspective helps us move forward in what we’re going to do.”

A resolution of the Board of Commissioners to pause new construction along Golden Bear Gateway was discussed. This resolution is sponsored by Mayor Hagerty who thinks that without further planning, the beauty of Golden Bear Gateway could be compromised by the addition of unfavorable kinds of construction.

“I don’t think pausing a year here to make sure it’s done right is going to hurt us anymore than if the road wasn’t finished for another year,” said Maness.

The commissioners were split in their feelings on this subject.

“We’ve got a road that is open, and we are going to start planning after the fact,” said Commissioner Ray Justice. “I think that’s just sad.”

Putting new construction on pause could cause issues with the growth of Mt. Juliet. According to Justice, only one residential development has been approved by the board in the last two years.

“I’m talking about the overall economic development of this city,” said Justice “I think this is dangerous.”

A proposed amendment would only include the area from north of Fed Ex to Cedar Creek.

The resolution passed with the amendment.

The first reading of an ordinance to accept Culver’s grant and appropriate same for public fire protection education passed first reading. Culver’s restaurant has donated $500 to the education fund for the Mt. Juliet Fire Department.

An ordinance establishing and implementing a program to charge insurance providers mitigation rates for the deployment of emergency services by the fire department for provided/rendered by the Mt. Juliet Fire Department passed second reading.

The ordinance to amend the Mt. Juliet personnel manual with clarifying language regarding section 7.8, overtime pay passed second reading.

An ordinance approving the request to connect to the Mt. Juliet sewer system made by the owner of 3150 Nonaville Rd. passed the second reading.

Under unfinished business was an ordinance to amend the Mt. Juliet personnel manual with clarifying language regarding section 5.4, retirement. After much deliberation, this item was deferred one meeting.

Under new business was an ordinance amending ordinance number 2012-44, adopted July 23, 2012, as amended by changing the zoning classification of 240 Fiberglass Dr. from Industrial

General to Industrial General with adult entertainment district overlay.

This ordinance is regarding the tattoo and body piercing shop that moved into the area. There will be an amendment that the zoning will revert back to Industrial General without the overlay, should the shop go out of business. This will prevent the overlay zoning to allow a new business that is unfavorable to move into the building.

There was also talk of modifying the classification of tattoo and body piercing parlors for future use, so that it would not be lumped in with all other adult entertainment businesses.

“No one thinks it has anything to do with adult entertainment, ” said Abston, who thinks the change will prevent future confusion should a situation such as this one come up again.

The zoning overlay amendment passed first reading.

The ordinance to amend the fiscal year 2017/2018 budget to appropriate funds from the emergency services fund to fund renovations to the building purchased from Green Hills Church, for the purpose of housing Ladder 111 to maintain current ISO rating passed first reading.

The ordinance to amend the fiscal year 2017/2018 budget to appropriate funds from the sale of found property to local non-profits in pursuance to the Downs Syndrome Association and Buddy Walk was passed first reading.

The Commissioners were split on the decision about the ordinance to approve city sewer service at 1100 NW Rutland Rd., which is located outside of city limits.

Mayor Hagerty voiced his concerns about granting the sewer service without annexation.

“If we miss this chance to annex you, we will never get it back,” said Hagerty.

Mayor Hagerty and Commissioner Ray Justice feel that with the growth in the area there could be a future need for annexation of the property to allow for road expansions or other projects.

The ordinance passed 3-2 on the first reading.

A resolution supporting a grant application by the city of Mt. Juliet for the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) upcoming congestion mitigation and air quality improvement program for intelligent signal system and signal improvement on Mt. Juliet Rd. was passed.

The last resolution on the agenda to approve the agreement between the city of Mt. Juliet and TDOT for the Woodridge Place sidewalk project and authorizing the Mayor to sign the agreements was passed.

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