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Commissioners praise city response to storm

The Board of Commissioners praised the work of the City to help get Mt. Juliet back up and running after the snowstorm last week.
Public Works has three trucks to clear the streets, and the team worked in 24/7 shifts to keep up with the falling snow and ice.
“In most years, that’s more than enough,” said Mayor James Maness. “I don’t think I have ever seen that much snow fall, and then to stick around for so long.”
Many of the commissioners praised the public for staying home as much as they could. There ended up being only a small handful of wrecks due to the snow and ice.
“I think this was the safest one [winter storm] if you go by the crash data,” said City Manager Kenny Martin.
Vice Mayor Ray Justice also praised the work of the City and the Wilson County Road Commission for the county response. However, he said TDOT didn’t meet expectations.
“We got exactly what we expect from them,” said Justice.
In the business portion of the agenda, the Commissioners approved an agreement with WSP to help with the improvements projected for Old Lebanon Dirt Road. The road will be three lanes with a shoulder and a trail on the south side of the street. The first phase will run from Julie Drive to Chandler Drive. The agreement is just for the early work on the project like appraisals and up until acquisition of easements on 90 total tracks of land. It was approved unanimously.
The commissioners also approved moving funds from park land to park improvements for development of new park lands purchased by the city, as well as improvements to existing parks. The parks will be the new Tate Lane and Grace Village parks, as well as improvements to Mundy Park.

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