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Commissioners praise Veteran’s Museum

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners held its regular meeting Monday night at City Hall. As Mayor Ed Hagerty and Vice Mayor James Maness were not in attendance, Commissioner Ray Justice led the meeting.

The commissioners began the meeting by praising the new Veteran’s Museum in Lebanon and encouraged the public to visit. They also each congratulated MJPD officer Tyler Chandler on his recent promotion to Captain.

Commissioner Justice also thanked the Parks Department and MJPD for a successful Halloween in the Park, where more than 4,000 were in attendance.

The first item on the unfinished business consent agenda was a second reading of an ordinance amending zoning regulations adopted in October 2001. The ordinance, regarding the section on fees, quickly passed unanimously, 3-0.

An ordinance amending the same zoning regulations, but referring to bulk regulations, also passed a second reading.

The first item of new business was an ordinance by the City of Mt. Juliet requiring the continuation of existing infrastructure within new developments adjacent to or adjoining new development properties. The ordinance calls for adding this to the Mt. Juliet City Code section about connectivity.

The ordinance was deferred one meeting until all members of the commission could be present.

The final item of new business was an ordinance to amend city codes on alcoholic beverages in regards to the Mt. Juliet Beer Company.

An unfounded citizen complaint about samples given at the business led the commission to pass an ordinance allowing for more control with craft beer samples. An amendment was added that limits the number of samples to no more than four two-ounce samples within one calendar day.

A resolution was proposed that would authorize the city to participate in the Pool’s Property Conservation Matching Grant program. The resolution was passed unanimously.

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