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Commissioners urge churches to revise security plans in event of emergency

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners had its regularly scheduled meeting Monday night.

At the start of the meeting, Commissioner Art Giles urged local churches to have a security plan in place after the horrific church shooting in Antioch over the weekend.

Vice Mayor James Maness also presented the Willoughby Waves swim team with a proclamation that Oct. 22 will be Willoughby Waves Day in Mt. Juliet based on their achievements over the last season and to celebrate their success.

The first item on the unfinished business consent agenda was a second reading of an ordinance amending ordinance number 2012-44, adopted July 23, as amended, by changing the zoning classification of map 072, group D, parcel 01500 known as 240 Fiberglass Dr. from industrial general to industrial general, with adult entertainment district overlay.

This ordinance, which is a reclassification for the tattoo parlor discussed at previous meetings, was unanimously passed.

The second ordinance on the unfinished business on the consent agenda was a second reading of the donation of 2017 net proceeds from the eclipse event to friends of the Mt. Juliet Parks and Greenways.

This ordinance also passed. Commissioner Brian Abston presented a check for $8,073.96 to the group at the last Board of Commissioners meeting Sept. 11

The first item of new business was  first reading of an ordinance to accept grant and appropriate funding for StoryWalk construction, which was unanimously approved.

Part of the Walk, Roll and Run event held Sept. 17, the StoryWalk featured reading stations along a short walk in Sgt. Mundy Park. The Walk was designed to fight childhood obesity and promote literacy. The event was so successful that the Board, “led” by Commissioner Giles, presented it as a permanent feature in the park.

An ordinance amending part B of the Unified Development Code of the City of Mt. Juliet, known as the Zoning Regulations, adopted October 8, 2001, amending the section on fees passed first reading.

An ordinance to amend the Mt. Juliet personnel manual with clarifying language regarding section 5.4, retirement, was approved 3-2.

The ordinance amending part B of the unified development code of the City, known as the zoning regulations, adopted Oct. 8, 2001, amending subsection 7-103 industrial district regulations/bulk regulations passed first reading as well.

The final item of new business was an ordinance amending the fiscal year 2017/2018 budget ordinance 2017-41 to appropriate funds for the repair of sidewalks in Willoughby Station subdivision. This item passed first reading.

The only resolution on the agenda was to approve the contract to renovate City Hall but was deferred until the next meeting so more data could be collected.

The final item on the agenda was a discussion on upgrading to steel power poles on Golden Bear Gateway instead of the standard wooden poles. The approximate cost would be $37,040, but a budget amendment will be discussed at a later date.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled Monday, Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

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