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Complaint filed against Wilson County Schools board member

The Wilson County Board of Education ethics committee will meet June 17 to hear a sexual harassment complaint filed against a school board member.

The complaint alleges that Zone 1 School Board Member Wayne McNeese made inappropriate comments to a Wilson County Schools employee at a board meeting on May 4, 2020.

The complaint says that McNeese asked the employee for “a tongue kiss” in front of his wife, Pam, and two other employees, Brittany Bills and Kristy Groce. He reportedly asked again after the meeting ended in front of school board members Mike Gwaltney and Chad Karl to which she said “Wayne, you’re going to get yourself fired.”

The employee said she spoke to two other women who also say McNeese said inappropriate things to them, indicating “a pattern to his behavior [that] cannot be allowed to continue.”

She said McNeese should be removed from his seat on the school board because “this type of character goes against everything we stand for as a school system and would not be tolerated in any setting. I feel that this is clearly an abuse of power.”

As of press time, McNeese has not returned a request for comment. A spokesperson for Wilson County Schools said the district will not offer any further comment until the ethics committee completes its review.

The ethics committee will hear the complaint from the employee and McNeese will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

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