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Confusion cleared up at BOC meeting

The Board of Commissioners approved a recall provision, and cleared up some confusion regarding the Urban Growth Boundary plan in the meeting Monday. 
A local television news story had recently stated that the county was set to vote on a plan that would annex properties into Mt. Juliet. 
In reality, the county was approving the Urban Growth Boundary plan for each city in Wilson County. Mt. Juliet’s plan included a portion of Gladeville, which had some residents upset. City Planner Steve Foote explained in the meeting that the Urban Growth Boundary just covers an area of properties that could be annexed at some point in time in the future based on the growth of the city. And that doesn’t guarantee that those properties will ever be annexed into the city. There are areas that were put in the Urban Growth Boundary plan several years ago that have never been annexed into the city. If properties are not on the Urban Growth Boundary plan, and they want to be in the city in the future, it can become quite costly to go through the process. The county tabled the item until the next meeting due to some complaints from citizens. 
In the business portion of the agenda, the board approved a recall provision for citizens. It gives the citizens power to recall an elected official who may not be doing his or her elected duty. It would require a petition with signatures of 32.5 percent of registered voters in the City of Mt. Juliet. 
In other new business, the board approved replacing a police vehicle that was damaged in an accident. All the money for the car came from insurance.
The board also approved to recognize the Community Resiliency Team as representing Mt. Juliet. 
A change to the traffic commission and an amendment to move greenway money to capital projects was denied. The money was needed to repair some flooding problems at the Mt. Juliet Community Center building. It failed 2-3. Mayor Ed Hagerty said that it was a good idea, but it would be better if they waited and put the item on the budget for next year. 

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