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Convenient vote centers proposed in Wilson County

The Wilson County Election Commission proposed to designate 18 convenient voting centers for the 2020 elections. Voters, until now, have been required by law to vote at their assigned polling place on Election Day. The convenient vote centers will now allow Wilson County voters the opportunity to choose the most convenient polling place during early voting and on Election Day. 

 “We know voters are busy. Work, school, church and family obligations quickly fill up their time. That’s why we’re offering a more convenient way for voters to fit casting a vote into their busy schedule,” said Phillip Warren, administrator of elections.

The convenience vote center initiative was approved for Wilson County unanimously by the Tennessee General Assembly this year. Rutherford County successfully piloted the program in 2018 with positive results and reviews from voters throughout the county.

The convenience vote center sites proposed were identified by the Election Commission using data from various sources. After careful analysis of historical demographic and election turnout data, heat maps, surveying existing infrastructure and the availability of other critical resources required, 18 polling sites were identified.

The Election Day convenience vote centers proposed by the Wilson County Election Commission are St. Stephen Church, West Wilson Middle School, West Elementary School, Southside School, LaGuardo Baptist Church, Tuckers Crossroads School, Watertown High School, Lebanon High School, Berea Church of Christ, Rutland Elementary School, Gladeville Community Center, Lighthouse Church, Market Street Community Center, First United Methodist Church, Charlie Daniels Community Center, Carroll Oakland School, Maple Hill Church of Christ and Norene Community Center.

The introduction of convenience vote centers expands the benefits of Early voting to Election Day voters. Seventy-three percent of the Wilson County voters that voted in the presidential election in 2016 voted at one of the five Early Voting locations. Taking advantage of Early Voting has become a tradition for voters and the availability of Early Voting sites throughout the county will be the same and possibly increased making Early Voting more accessible than ever before.

“Convenient vote centers will provide Wilson County voters with the opportunity to choose when and where they can most conveniently cast their vote,” said Warren. “Our goal has always been to make improvements in election administration that create the best voting experience possible for the voters of Wilson County. Convenience vote centers will be a positive initiative for our county.”

To learn more about convenient vote centers, elections, voting and how you can be involved with Wilson County elections contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at

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