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Dan Walker announces Mt. Juliet mayoral campaign

Dan Walker, Christian, husband, father, Navy veteran, and fiscal conservative, is running for the open seat for the mayor of Mt. Juliet.

Walker is a man who lives a life of servant leadership. Dan Walker has served as the County Commissioner of district 10 for seven years. He has been active on the Finance, Insurance, Public Works, Steering, Minutes and Recreation Committees. As Chairman of the Cable TV Committee, Walker was instrumental in bringing the PEG channel to Wilson County. Walker also transformed this committee to become one of the strongest advocates to expand broadband internet throughout the local and rural communities. He also served as President of Woodland Place and Treasurer on the first Hickory Hills Homeowners Association.

Dan Walker has been a Mt. Juliet resident for 23 years, is married to his wife, Sheila, who is a retired schoolteacher. Together they raised their daughter Kelly, who attended Wilson County schools and local universities. As a retired Navy Veteran, Walker brings a wealth of leadership and team-building experience to the community. His business acumen is in the areas of national operations, aftermarket service support, audit and security control, and IT consolidations.

Walker is an educated man with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Citadel and a Master in Business Administration from Wilson County’s very own Cumberland University. He uses the knowledge gained from these experiences to serve as a business leader and problem solver. Outside of his career and serving as a County Commissioner, Walker is an established volunteer in Wilson County. 

When asked why he is running for mayor, Walker replied, “Wilson County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Tennessee, and Mt. Juliet is growing at a faster rate than the city of Lebanon. While serving as a county commissioner, the school construction program has brought us state of the art facilities coupled with teachers and faculty second to none. This has caused our community to be one of the most sought after in the state. We will continue to transform Mt. Juliet into a more beautiful gem between the lakes.”

“Mt. Juliet is and will always be a friendly town with more walkable greenways, sidewalks, and bike paths,” said Walker. “As the future Mayor, I will continue on the path of expanding our parks and recreation areas to help foster a healthier, more vibrant city. Together we will usher in a brighter future to set a higher standard and quality of living for our future generations.”

He continued, “I also have a vision of establishing a technology zone to recruit companies in software development, biotech engineering, and others in the technology sector. This will provide the high-paying jobs our children and grandchildren can thrive in for decades to come. Under my leadership, Mt. Juliet will maintain and grow the pressing infrastructure needs while striking the balance of fiscal conservatism.”

Citizens have dreams of country music venues, small agricultural tourism, and century farms to keep alive our traditions and agricultural roots for years to come.

“These are just a few of the things I would do for the city of Mt. Juliet,” Walker said. “This will be an opportunity for everyone to preserve the past, serve the present, and to build the future together!”

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