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Dispute leads to shooting

One person was shot, and a suspect is in custody after a dispute Wednesday.
The incident happened in the early evening when two juveniles met in a parking lot at the 2000 block of N. Mt. Juliet Road. A Mt. Juliet Police Department detective happened to be in the area and heard the dispute. One gunshot was fired, hitting the victim, and the detective rushed over to give aid. The detective noticed the suspect running across the street and the MJPD started the search for the person of interest.
“Our detective was in the area, right place, right time,” said MJPD Captain Tyler Chandler during a briefing Wednesday evening.
Tips from the public helped the MJPD focus in on the Hickory Station Townhomes, particularly one in the 200 block of Ashmere Court. A citizen said they saw the person of interest go into a townhome in the community. It was later determined that the suspect was welcome in the townhome. A vehicle left the community and was pulled over by MJPD. The suspect was fully compliant while taken into custody.
“Our city is very low on violent crime,” said Captain Chandler. “It rarely, rarely happens. I can’t even remember the last time it happened.”
According to a release from the MJPD, the preliminary investigation revealed that the 17-year-old victim from Nashville drove to Mt. Juliet to meet the 17-year-old suspect in the parking lot to complete a drug exchange. This lead to a dispute and the suspect shot the victim. The suspect dropped the handgun while running from the police. The incident remains under investigation and more criminal charges are forthcoming for the suspect, victim and other parties involved. Detectives recovered two handguns, a large amount of marijuana and other evidentiary items.
“We are grateful for our strong partnership and connections with our community. When we communicate and provide them with information to keep our city safe, it continues to result in suspect apprehensions and a safer community. If you’re not connected to our text alert system, I encourage all to get connected.” stated Chief James Hambrick in a press release Thursday. “I also want to express my appreciation to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Police Department, and Metro-Nashville Police Department, who all sent resources to assist our officers. Now to MJPD’s staff, who are so dedicated to keeping our community protected, they are absolutely amazing. They worked to save a life, they worked to get the suspect in custody, many responded from their homes to assist in the search, and they did it all so well while working as one firm, cohesive team. I am so proud of their continued efforts. As a result of their commitment and proactive service, criminals will not be successful in Mt. Juliet.”