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Domestic violence and the holidays

Most law enforcement agencies across the country see increases in domestic violence calls around the holiday season. As we all know, the holidays are supposed to be joyous times spent with family and friends. However, for some the holidays are filled with heartache, resentment, sorrow and guilt.

This unfortunate occurrence leaves many families and friends torn apart and traumatized from the event. Reasons for the increase in domestic violence calls can be attributed to the financial burdens placed on many families when the bills begin to roll in after Christmas. Other factors include the natural depression that sets in from the lack of sunlight during the winter months. The winter months seem to contain many more rainy, snowy or otherwise cloudy days than do the summer months. The lack of outside activities and natural sunlight can lead to depression, frustration, boredom and arguments from simply being cooped up in the same house and around each other longer than usual. Another major contributing factor in domestic violence incidents is alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a natural depressant and its consumption usually tends to increase around the holidays. 

Many families unknowingly place themselves in bad situations around the holidays by spending too much money on Christmas. The joy of Christmas and Christmas shopping can cause a roller coaster of emotions once Christmas has passed and the bills begin to roll in. The shock of opening the bills long after the joy of Christmas has passed can lead to resentment, frustration, arguments and domestics. The holidays are meant to be filled with love, peace and harmony, not fights, ill will and torn apart lives. Even the best of relationships can become strained around the holidays, so please be patient, forgiving and loving.

In closing, if you are the victim of domestic violence are need help with domestic violence issues, please contact your Mt. Juliet Police Department for assistance at 754-2550  

Kenny Martin


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