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Donated toys stolen from trailer

A trailer filled with donated toys was broken into and all the toys stolen in a huge setback for Big Brothers of Mt. Juliet. With Christmas right around the corner, the organization is seeking donations from the public to help replace what was taken.

Amazon donated a 53-foot trailer filled with toys and merchandise to the organization ahead of the holiday season, but Big Brothers’ Sherry Bilbrey said someone pried it open with a crowbar late last month and stole all the toys inside.

“We’re desperate at this point,” said Bilbrey. She said the donated items were to be given to those in need this holiday season.

The toys would have been used to service the Mother’s Toy Store, which would be given out to families who could not afford toys for their children.

“We’re in need of anything that people can help us with,” said Bilbrey.

Those looking to donate toys to Big Brothers Mt. Juliet can drop them off at the Mt. Juliet Police Department or at Mt. Juliet City Hall. Monetary donations can be made at various Wilson Bank and Trust locations.

The Mother’s Toy Store will be on Saturday, Dec. 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mt. Juliet Middle School.

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