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Dr. Wright retires after seven years as Director of Schools

Wilson County Schools said goodbye to Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright last week.
Dr. Wright will retire this week after 40 years in education, the last seven of which took place as Director of Schools for Wilson County Schools. Dr. Wright sat down with the school system’s Public Information Officer Bart Barker for a farewell interview. The video played at an event for Wright Tuesday, June 22.
“It wasn’t anything Donna Wright did, it was the teachers in the classroom,” Dr. Wright said of the success the school system as seen over the past several years.
In the video, Dr. Wright told Barker that she never anticipated going into education. She thought she would be going to law school.
“I got derailed by a very good friend who was in education,” said Dr. Wright.
Even though that wasn’t her original plan, Dr. Wright said that many people helped and encouraged her in her education journey.
“They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself,” said Dr. Wright. “I’m so thankful how that fell into place.”
Wright spent most of her career in Knox County Schools, but the past few years have been so important to her.
“The best opportunity of all was Wilson County Schools,” said Dr. Wright.
The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners named Wednesday, June 30, 2021 Dr. Donna Wright Day in the City of Mt. Juliet at the their meeting Monday. The board thanked her for all she did over the past seven years, and applauded her on all her achievements.
Mayor James Maness said his family has been praying for her for years, and was amazed at the education his children have received in Wilson County Schools.
“I never questioned the quality of education they were receiving,” said Maness. “They are going to be well-prepared for life.”
Dr. Wright thanked them for the honor, and again praised the teachers and administrators for the strides the school system has made.
“God bless all of you,” said Dr. Wright. “There is no better place than Wilson County.”
Dr. Wright’s last day is Wednesday, June 30. Jeff Luttrell will take over as Director of Schools on July 1.