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Early voting sees record high turnout

Early voting saw an unexpectedly great turnout this month as people all across Wilson County went to their local voting centers to cast their ballot. Within just the first few hours of the voting centers opening to the public, votes were being cast at a rate of eight ballots per minute. By the end of the second day of early voting, more than 12,000 Wilson County votes had been cast, 5,000 more than at the same time in the 2016 election. Votes per day rose as the business week continued, with Friday seeing an additional 5,113 early votes added to the pool.

Mt. Juliet saw the largest turnout, never seeing below 1444 votes per day until the weekend. Lebanon was not far behind, seeing an average of 1200 early voters per day.

The weekend saw a sharp drop in early voters at all locations, but this can likely be attributed to the voting sites on the weekend being open for much less time than during the week. Monday, Oct. 19 came back strong, with the highest number of votes per day yet. Votes per day throughout the second week of early voting continued to be comparable or higher than the first week’s turnout before dipping again on Saturday.

For the remaining week of early voting, which ends on Thursday, Oct. 29, all voting sites will remain open for an extra hour each day, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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