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Everyone’s Wilson brings people together to strengthen community

A Wilson County organization is working to do good and deliver hope in their community.
Everyone’s Wilson is a community non-profit that seeks to connect churches, other nonprofits and marketplace leaders with community organizations to build a better Wilson County. The beginnings of creating the vision of a community that thrives started in 2018 with Daryl Crouch and Tim Bryant around a conversation of racial reconciliation. This led to a bigger discussion with community leaders, churches and businesses asking how best to help the community around them in a positive way. Through this conversation four vulnerable pockets were identified in the county. These included hunger, addiction, safety and education. That led Everyone’s Wilson to adopt the idea to ensure community members are “Fed, free, safe and ready”. They determined Wilson County Schools would be their first focus of work through the Ready Initiative.
“We aspire to be a platform to connect people that want to do good with people that need good,” said Executive Director Daryl Crouch.
Many churches and organizations are looking to partner with the community but may not know the best route. The goal of Everyone’s Wilson is to find the areas that need community partners and connect them.
“We meet with area school leaders and ask ‘what are your needs this year?’” said Crouch.
The organization then connects an area church or business with this school to meet needs such as tutoring, mentoring, staff support, volunteering for school events, as well as gifts and special projects such as painting in the facilities. Each project is school specific and meant to enrich the school, staff and students’ lives.
The organization compares itself to Uber or Airbnb.
“We don’t have any product, but we can connect people that have with the people that need those services,” said Crouch.
Everyone’s Wilson is a faith-based organization but it believes strongly that “It doesn’t matter what you believe, no one should go to bed hungry at night,” said Daryl Crouch.
They seek to reach families before they may need assistance and the schools allow them to meet the most needs and connect with the community.
Currently, Everyone’s Wilson has connected organizations with 14 area schools and hopes to be working in 22 by the fall. On July 16, Everyone’s Wilson will sponsor a workday in the community. There will be opportunities for many different projects all over the area. If you or your organization are interested in joining in to help the community, please go the their website and sign up today. You can see some of the other ways there are to participate in this organizations work on the website. Please visit for more information.