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Farmer’s Market opens at Charlie Daniels Park

The Mt. Juliet Farmer’s Market is open in its new home. 
Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Farmer’s Market is now located as you are entering Charlie Daniels Park, complete with its own separate parking area. 
Parks and Recreation Director Jay Cameli said that there are six vendors signed up right now, but they have extra tent space if more decide to join. 
“We can make it as big as we want,” said Cameli. 
There might be some more come along in the upcoming weeks because some produce has not come in yet for the season. 
At its opening day Tuesday, two vendors were out there. 
It was a mini trial run to work the kinks out before the big ribbon cutting Thursday. 
Jenny Fitzgerald of Main Squeeze Lemonade was one of the vendors there Tuesday. 
It was her first day to debut her lemonade to the public, but she has had some practice. 
“I have been making it for friends and family the past year,” said Fitzgerald.
However, the Health Department showed later in the day and asked Fitzgerald to leave. They said even though her equipment looked clean, she needed a mobile kitchen to wash her hands and utensils since she was making the lemonade on site. 
“We thought we had all the bases covered,” said Cameli. 
Cameli said that Fitzgerald is looking for alternatives to be in compliance and come back to the Farmer’s Market.  
Matt Lake of Frontier Family Farms was also there. 
They sell organic and natural soaps, lotions, and lip balms that they make at their farm near Smithville. 
The Farmer’s Market new home was made possible by grants from the Department of Agriculture, Wilson County and the City of Mt. Juliet. 
Cameli said that they are trying to restrict it to homegrown items, so it stays a true farmer’s market. 
“It was a combination of efforts,” said Cameli. “It should be a neat project.”

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