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FDMJ rescues family pet

The Mt. Juliet Fire Department rescued a family pet Friday after the owner found her dog stuck in a sinkhole.

Around 2:30 p.m. July 27, Mt. Juliet dispatchers received a 911 call about a dog stuck in a sinkhole in the 2500 block of Old Lebanon Dirt Road. when officers arrived on scene, all that was visible of the dog was her head.

According to the department, firefighters, public works crews and animal control worked together to rescue Maggie, a 15-year-old Collie that was believed to have been trapped in a 3-foot sinkhole for more than six hours.

The department also said an excavator, oxygen line, air monitoring device and other equipment were used to rescue Maggie from the sinkhole.

Once rescued, Mt. Juliet Animal Care and Control took Maggie to a nearby veterinarian where it was reported she had no broken bones and was being given IV fluids to help rehydrate her.

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