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Floyd Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection

Ted Floyd announced he will not be seeking reelection, and the commission approved first reading of the budget at the Tuesday Board of Commissioners meeting.
The meeting was pushed back from its regular Monday time due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

“I am not going to be a candidate for reelection,” said Floyd at the beginning of the meeting.
Floyd said his wife is about to retire, and the amount of time he puts into the position will take away from time he could spend with his family.
“After 52 years of public service, it’s time to slow down,” said Floyd.
Floyd said he wanted to stay very active in the City, and will be on some boards if it was desired. The rest of the commission was caught off guard because Floyd had not let anyone know of his decision but his family. They all thanked him for his service, and told him he will be missed.
The commissioners had several amendments to the annual budget.
Mayor Ed Hagerty moved to eliminate the five positions of the city workers that resigned or were terminated after the recent scandal.
One of the positions, Special Force Sergeant, was asked to be left in by the MJPD because he was the head of the CSU division. Hagerty said that was the one position he was willing to discuss.
“We need that position to function properly,” said Deputy Chief James Hambrick.
Hagerty agreed to leave that position in, but the other four positions were voted to be eliminated. The combined salary of the four positions was $282,000.
Hagerty said it gave the department heads to reevaluate their departments to see how they could be more cost effective.
He also put forward that City workers get a one percent cost of living raise, and an additional 1.5 percent merit raise for ones that deserve it according to their department heads. He requested the department heads come up with a criteria to determine who gets those merit raises.
Hagerty also moved to add $5,000 the budget if the City Manager chooses to have an outside audit or investigation. He made sure to say that it was not against the group that just handled the investigation, because they did a great job, it just gives the City Manager the option if they choose to do it.
Commissioner Jim Bradshaw reduced the amount of money to maintain the soccer fields on Curd Road from $10,000 to $5,000. Beazer Homes has told the City that they will be taking the land back and putting some homes on it, so it will not be in full use after November.
Bradshaw also added $11,000 to the Parks and Recreation budget for mulching and other maintenance needs.
Commissioner James Maness eliminated equipment and transportation equipment from emergency services, which totaled 1.5 million out of the budget.
The budget passed 3-2, with Commissioner Art Giles and Jim Bradshaw voting against it. Giles said he needed more time to go through it. Bradshaw was upset that the positions were eliminated. He was the only one that voted against the amendment.
“They may have slacked off, but they did their job,” said Bradshaw.
The budget still passed with the majority vote.

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