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Four city employees resign, one terminated after investigation

Four city employees resigned and one was terminated Wednesday as a part of an investigation of unauthorized use of city equipment and neglect of duty.
Assistant Public Works Director Shannon Joyner was terminated, while Public Works Project Manager Casey Binion, Purchasing Clerk Charlene Crosslin, Tax Clerk Amanda Graves and MJPD Sergeant Jason Crosslin resigned.

“It’s disappointing,” said Interim City Manager Kenny Martin. “We are going to learn from this.”
Martin said he apologizes to the citizens of Mt. Juliet for the conduct of the employees, and that the City will do everything to improve their practices, and keep issues like this from happening in the future.
The investigation started when Jason Crosslin filed a complaint Friday, May 11, accusing the four others of several items, including the unauthorized use of city equipment and neglect of duty.
After the investigation, it was determined that the complaint of unauthorized use of city equipment and neglect of duty were founded. Also, Sergeant Crosslin was found to have conduct unbecoming of an officer, and wrongful use of city equipment.
Jason Crosslin, Charlene Crosslin and Binion had sent or received messages or pictures of a sexually explicit nature over City issued phones or computers. Joyner and Graves had used their computers and cell phones for personal use that violated City policies and procedures. Joyner had set up a membership with Global Net Outdoors, a multi-level marketing sports goods company using his work email and password. As a member, he had solicited a subordinate employee and an individual with current active building permits with the City of Mt. Juliet. It was determined that was an ethics violation.
“The move the City Manager made was the right one,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty. Hagerty was pleased with how the investigation was handled, and the issue is now put behind the City.
“I’m ready to move forward,” said Hagerty.
Hagerty said that he will be bring forward an amendment to eliminate all five of the positions they held. He feels that if they had that much time on their hands, the positions aren’t necessary. He said that if six to 12 months down the road, the department heads come to him and say they have a heavy workload and need to add staff, he would consider it.
“Then I would have an open mind about it,” said Hagerty.

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