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General Store coming to the heart of Mt. Juliet

Circle P Ranch, owned by Rufus Page will soon open its doors to the residents of Mt. Juliet. The feel and décor of the General Stores takes you back in time. You can relax with a milkshake on the porch or visit the Amish store.
Circle P Ranch is a beautiful one hundred -acre farm with a two-acre lake, a home, a covered bridge, windmill and farm buildings. The land was originally owned by Nellie D. Bradshaw. Rufus Page has enjoyed the beautiful scenery at the Circle P Ranch for twenty-eight years. This ranch is rich in Mt. Juliet history.
“Our goal is to have a first class venue for our community to enjoy birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, class reunions, and business lunch and learns,” said Patricia Wolfenbarger, event coordinator. “Rufus wants to open the Circle P Ranch to Mt. Juliet. We can seat one hundred forty people inside the General Store plus there is a lot of room outdoors.”
Wolfenbarger continued, “The Circle P General Store will be open for a variety of events. We want to tailor our service to the needs of our customers. It is nice to hear people say that they want to stay and not leave.”
Page said that it took seven months to build the General Store. The plans were in his head. A lot of the building material came from the property and people in Mt. Juliet. There are seven different kinds of wood in the walls of the store. You can see pine, cedar, poplar, sweet gum, sycamore, ash and oak.
When you walk into the General Store you can eat ice cream at the Soda fountain served by Robin Fast and Leila Page or go to the Amish Store managed by John Dobbs. Jams, jellies, soaps, sauces, pastas, and candies can be found in the Amish store.
At the center of the entry into the General Store is a potbellied stove made of nickel that came from Chicago. “Joe Tomlinson, a very reliable source, tells us that Al Capone sat around this very stove in 1902,” stated Page.
Future plans include a farmer’s market, spring festival, fall festival, and fishing for catfish in the lake. Sometime in the future there are plans to build a riding stable.
The Circle P Ranch General Store was approved by the Planning Commission last Thursday night to go forward to the Board of City Commissioners. Pending approval, the General Store plans to have a spring opening in April.

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