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Gerard Bullock running for District 4 City Commission Seat

Gerard Bullock is running for Mt. Juliet District 4 City Commissioner.

Many may recognize Gerard’s name and face as a candidate for succession of former District 4 Commissioner Brian Abston in 2019. However, in the face of an indecisive Board of Commissioners, Gerard voluntarily stepped down from consideration in order to avoid costing the taxpayers a $45,000 special election, instead vowing to run against whoever the Board chose in the regular 2020 election. “As much as I would love to serve this city, I do not want to do so at the expense of the taxpayers who work hard for their hard earned money,” said Bullock back in 2019. “This job is more than just voting on zoning twice a month. It’s much bigger than that. It means paying attention to and acting in the best interests of the citizens of Mt. Juliet.”

“I’m running because the city needs a fresh set of eyes to take us to the next level.”

“We were just ranked the 22nd best city in the U.S.,” said Bullock. “We need to look at 21 cities and see where we can make improvements.” In a business, the most important thing are the people. In a city, it’s the citizens that are most important. “I’ve seen a lot of missed opportunities on infrastructure improvements, on projects,” said Bullock. “We’re using the same policies now that the city has more than 35,000 people as we did when the city had 5,000.” Bullock feels that, more than anything, Mt. Juliet needs to set itself up for a successful future.

Bullock believes that one way to do this is to ensure strong and effective succession planning in all city departments. “If a new assistant chief job comes open, who’s next to take that job? Who are we developing to fill those roles? We need to make sure we are investing in our employees and prepare them to be promoted into these positions.” Bullock says he will work with city department heads cross-functionally to develop succession planning in all departments.

Bullock then wants to apply measurable goals to those departments, to hold them accountable for their results and to generate metrics by which improvement and effectiveness can be ascertained. “We all feel safe in the city because the crime rate is low. That’s a measurable number. Fire department response time is low. That’s a measurable number. But how do we measure public works, parks, planning? They need measurable goals to be held accountable for their results,” says Bullock. “We often do things in the city off of what we feel and what we think, which at times could be a legal pitfall. But we need to apply measurable data to the city decision-making process.”

Bullock also vows to ensure Mt. Juliet’s future by strengthening its small businesses. “Outdated ordinances that are hindering Mt. Juliet’s small business community need to be reviewed,” says Bullock. “We as a city need to help small businesses open and achieve success, rather than hurt them.”

Bullock, his wife, Sara, and their four children, Gerard Jr., Giana, Gabi and Gage, have called Mt. Juliet their home since 2015. In 2016, his mother and his grandfather, who is a World War II veteran, also relocated here. All of them reside in District 4. Bullock says that, due to the variety of individuals in his close family, he’s aware and involved with the concerns of all demographics. “I’m here to represent the 97-year-old veteran and the 10-year-old kid, and everybody in between.”

Bullock has a rich history of management and leadership for multi-billion dollar corporations that he believes will serve Mt. Juliet well. After being a director for UPS for 14 years, he signed up with Under Armour, where he was charged with opening the Mt. Juliet facility, overseeing their infrastructure and distribution network, and managing a $58,000,000 payroll. In 2018, he left this job to have more time to support his wife in opening MeTime Drop-In Child Care. He now works as a manager and realtor at the local Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group, where he was recently recognized as the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce’s Businessman of the Year award in 2019. Bullock studied criminal justice and communication at the University of Maryland. He currently stands on the Board of Directors for the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce and the Second Harvest Food Bank, and he has stood on the Board of Trustees for Ensworth School in Nashville.

Bullock believes that his long history of management and negotiations for multi-billion dollar corporations will serve as invaluable experience for the politics of a large and still-growing city like Mt. Juliet. “If I can convince the company I work for to spend millions of dollars on infrastructure improvements, I can convince city leaders and other Commissioners to spend money on infrastructure, parks and sidewalks for our district,” assures Bullock. “We need a strong negotiator when dealing with developers coming to this city. With the combination of my business background and expertise in contract negotiation, I feel like I would be perfect to get the proper support we need.”

Gerard Bullock may be reached by phone at (615)-992-7851, by email at, or on FaceBook at @gbullock4mj4.Early voting begins on Oct. 14 and lasts through Oct. 29, 2020. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

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