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Gladeville Elementary School: Gators of the Month – August / September

Gladeville Elementary School: August Gator of the Month

gator-of-the-month-augustPictured (Left to Right) – Back Row: Uskani Munkhdorj, Ameila Underwood, Lance Corn, Teagan Richey, Brandon Elston, Kate Stone, Hannah Frattini, Levi Lorance, Hayden Moran, and Camillie Scott. Middle Row: Macie Fults, Liam Trammell, Avery Jackson, Jenna Lee, Caylie Goddard, Mallory Lee, Riley Mirghavami, Urijah Mitchell, and Adam Addullah. Bottom Row: Courtney Carnes, Amelia Bunkall, Sloane Taylor, Shawn Dwyer, Riley Hall, Bralynn Aavatsmark, and Dixie Barrett. Not pictured: Abigail Friedman, Caitlyn McHugh, Daisy Pearson, and Cassie Tucker.






Gladeville Elementary School: September Gator of the Month 

Pictured (Left to Right) Back Row: Tyler Griffin, Jon Ryan Russell, Spencer Green, Nathan Cornelison, Alexander Gessford, Dylan Porter, Jeremiah Jenigan, Lilly Clark, Mattison Trammell, and Mason Snyder. Middle Row: Adi Reece Davis, Luke Corley, Ryan Dixon, Gaines Odom, Harry Hanley, Lucas Pack, Kaden Blythe, Emerson Allen, Cory Davis, and Dylan Frattini. Bottom Row: MicKenzy Garcia, Evan Stewart, Collin Stadterman, Savannah Lannom, Fiona Trout, Eily Logan, Akemi Dorrey, Mateo Dorcey, Cayden Fowler, and Calan Shane. Not pictured: Haylee Marshall




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