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Go Mt. Juliet Go

With yet another great year of retail and business growth in our great city, Mt. Juliet has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Mt. Juliet is quickly becoming a full service city with every service and convenience imaginable.

Not only do we have many more businesses, but we now have multiple choices when it comes to our needs, which we all now is better for the customer. In other words, competition is good for the customer and business owner as well. Over the past year Mt. Juliet has welcomed many new businesses to our great city. When you combine those new businesses with our existing business base, it’s easy to see why Mt. Juliet is now a force to be reckoned with.

I’d also like state how much we appreciate our business community and business owners. With that being said, I can’t over state the importance of buying, shopping and patronizing all of our local businesses first. When we choose Mt. Juliet First we not only support our local businesses community, but we also support our community as a whole. The dollars we spend locally stay in our community. The dollars we spend in other counties and communities support that community and not ours. 

Our business community needs and deserves our support. Their continued wellbeing and existence depends upon our support and patronage. In other words, in order to have business convenience, we must have consumer and customer patronage.

And if the 2012 business year is any indication of what 2013 will be like, then we are in for our best year yet. Many projects like the Paddocks Development, Mt. Juliet Towne Centre, Graves Crossing, Providence Central, Providence West, Mt. Juliet Village, Bel-Air at Beckwith and many, many more businesses will begin to blossom.

So please support your community by supporting your Mt. Juliet business community first.

Kenny Martin


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